The Blue Lake Museum is a non-profit entity.  Federal Tax ID  94-2792057

  • Mad River Grange  
  • Mad River Brewery
  • Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Wha-Nika Women's Club
  • Larry & Jackee Ford
  • Roger McClure
  • Calvin & Virginia Kernen
  • Bill & Myrna Sheppard
  • Martha Vertrees
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  • Susan Barnstein
  • Tom & Patricia Charley
  • Ramona Provisor & Todd McClure 
  • ​Paul & Linda Hoffman
  • Willie Knapp
  • ​John Bartholomew

The Blue Lake Museum relies on the support of the membership to preserve our past for future generations. Membership dues and donations are used to meet all the operational and upkeep costs of the museum. The museum receives no public funding. Annual membership dues and donations are needed to allow the volunteers to continue to carry on the important work of preserving our historical building and sharing all the irreplaceable local history inside.

The Blue Lake Museum Society offers a variety of Membership Levels of Support. Membership assures receiving our Annual Member Newsletter and any additional newsletters that may be sent throughout the year.   Dues for 2017 are now being accepted.
Please send dues & donations to the Blue Lake Museum Society  PO Box 707  Blue Lake, CA 95525

$15.00     Individual
$25.00     Family
$50.00     Sustaining
$75.00     Benefactor
$100.00   Centennial

Do you like local history? Do you want to learn more?
Volunteers are needed to keep our museum open.  Like most organizations in these busy times, there is avery small core group that keeps the Museum open and operating. This is the same group that organizes our fundraisers and maintains our collections.  Please consider volunteering. It is rewarding to your community and yourself. Call any of the phone numbers on the Home page to find out how to help. 

330 Railroad Avenue  Blue Lake, California
OPEN Thursday, Friday, Sunday 1-4 April through September

Winter hours by appointment.  

(707)668-4188, 668-5416, 667-6233, 822-6593

  • Arlene Hartin
  • Margaret Hamnett & Richard Golebiowski
  • Sherman Schapiro
  • Robert & Jan Rousseau                                                   
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